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Team Context

Art, Production, Engineering

Seattle, WA 98102

About Us

We have been working super hard behind the curtain to bring another direction to our work! Our goal is to be a leg up for our clients’ so they can better communicate with their audience. Our method is casting a broad net of multi-media solutions while being mindful of unique individual project goals and financial situations. We have developed a  process with thoughtful consideration from our lens as independent artists who don’t have a large bank account to rely on. It can seem impossible to connect independent art to income, or even how to make independent art something that wasn’t just passion and bits of spare time. Our philosophy starts with measurable steps & goals, healthy communication, and taking time for reflection on what we have produced. We are continually working to build on what we have learned; this is how we grow context for our future projects, join us!! 

One of our strongest convictions is that we will support the artists who want to support the Team, and in this way we all support each other in a positive and productive way. We see this idea as a fundamental part of our studio; Team Context enables community enables Team Context enables community, & more & forever amen. 

We want to officially invite you all to work with us! Let us help you bring context to your messages, and be your platform to share your ideas with the universe. Instead of turning this into a list of things we want to do for you, let this be an open invitation for you to reach out and talk to us about what you’re working on!! email us; heyteamcontext@gmail.com

let's work together

Visual Arts & Graphic Design

Projection & Presentation

Development & Promotion

Printed media services, merch & logo design, informational handbill & poster design, artist bio and press kit development

Our studio is intentionally equipped to support modest scale audio/visual engineering performances, presentations or other private events. 

Our promotion strategy is a combination of grassroots & electronic means to reach your target audience. Don't know where to start? We consider artist development and consultation a vital part of making your project happen, let's talk. 

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